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In this fast moving world, people have no time to spend on their food habits. As a result, they tend to eat fast food or junk food most of the time, thereby increasing their belly fat. Many people these days want to lose fat from the belly or stomach area and overall reduce their body fat, but most of them don’t understand the perfect ways to follow to lose their belly fat or reduce their waistline.

They feel that there is much more to do to lose their stomach fat than running or doing endless sit-ups. First, you need to understand your body best and then find exercises accordingly to burn belly fat.

Many people have a wrong perception about losing weight as they believe that it is all about reducing calories. However, it is not true always; you may see some people who take fewer calories than they are burning off, but still they may not be able to lose any weight. The fact behind this is that having extra muscles mass is allowing them to take on extra calories without turning them to fat. It will be really helpful to you if you follow Honest Review.

Let us discuss about the best exercises to burn stomach fat.

  1. Passionate Training: If one wants to do an easy work-out to burn body fat, high intensity interval training is all that you need. Simple basic workout includes running fast for 1 minute and then walking for two minutes. This three minute interval is repeated for five times that sums up to 15 minutes. This may sound very simple and easy to work, but it does a lot.
  2. Exercises That Resist: This is exactly where you will have to work hard. As mentioned earlier, if you have more muscle mass you will burn fat quicker raising your metabolic rate. The best exercise to burn belly fat is a core routine for workout. Therefore, this means lesser sit ups with more all-round abs workout.
  3. Abs-Workout: Once you burn off a part of excess belly fat, you definitely will want to show off your flat belly. The core muscles are your biggest muscle groups of the body. Having larger abs implies higher metabolic rate.

You can try abdominal exercises that are specifically meant for the abdomen as this can help reduce the belly fat. Some of them are bicycle crunch, exercise ball crunches, plank position and, other exercises for abdomen.

Try the Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunch is easy to do as you have to lie down and put hands behind the head without locking the fingers together. The next step is that you need to lift your shoulders up using the stomach muscles (abs) as doing a crunch. After that, bring your knees up and start moving your legs slowly like you are riding a cycle.

Ball Crunches

For ball crunches, lie down simply positioning the ball under your lower back. Then place the hands behind head. Next, pull in the abs lifting your chest off the ball. Repeat it for 10-15 times. This can definitely do wonders.

Other Things You May Try Out

Besides all, walking, jogging, and running can really provide you a flat and well-toned stomach. There are other ways too- you can join aerobics classes, swimming or dancing to burn belly fat in a very effective manner.

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